Dare To Be You

by Renée Lamoureux



(Renée Lamoureux)

I got off the road

Into tall grass

Hot sun beaming on my back

Walked down to the edge of the water

I stood there with a tall order

I said take my sins

And the wrong I’ve done

I’m no angel

I’m not perfect

Just standing here

Naked to the bone

I’m no saint but I’m a believer (2x)

He held my hand and watched my cry

Said: under dark clouds there lays the light

So I’m letting go

With my hands up high

A million times I start the ride

Give it up now

Give it up to god

Say a little prayer

Who knows what’s to come

Wipe off that shame

As long as I’ve got faith

Can’t blame the man

Can’t blame the sun

Own my shit

Here I come



(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver)

You’ve had a hard day

Life goes up and down

Carry your way

When you start to get tired and you’re up against a wall

Don’t be afraid; don’t stop

Never give up (3x)

Remember you’re perfect

Just the way you are

And if somebody tells you otherwise

That’s their own stuff

Nobody said that easy is better

And even hard days don’t last forever

Never give up (3x)

Remember you’re perfect

Darling, nothing wrong with crying

When you wipe the tears away

Clear the sky and say

Never never give up

Remember that your perfect just the way you are

When you’re down on your luck

Never give up


The Soundtrack of my Life

(Renée Lamoureux, Phil Deschambault)

I can choose to grow or I can choose to fall

Every step I take; yeah great or small

One day I’ll be wiser; I’ll be a survivor

With a little time

No matter where the journey takes me

Nothing in the world could break me

All the music that I’ve played

All the songs that got away

I hear them in the traffic speeding by

And they’ve got me singing

Everyone who’s come and gone

All my choices right or wrong

Every single moment passing by

Is the soundtrack of my life

When I’m stuck in the dark; I know it brings me strength

And I gotta be strong with every move I make

I turn to the left; I go to the right

In the direction of my life

All the chances far worth taking

I keep my head up high believing

What was I waiting for?

There was so much more?  

What was I waiting for?



(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver, Phil Deschambault)

You swayed to the beat

Tripping on your feet

Shaking it down

Moving to the sound

Walked in the bar/ you were hanging around

Wasted no time said you want to be mine

Saw you twirl with a wiggle

Little shake, boogie woogie

Grooving to get me down

But can you two step to my music?

Spin me round while they’re playing my song

How smooth can you go?

Keep it cool if we all fall down

But can you two step to my music?

Spin me round while they’re playing my song

I need a man who’s not afraid to dance

The lights are low

Where’s this gonna go?

If you want to own this

Hold this, control this

Your hands are strong

On my hips, where they belong

Here for the ride

Yeah you’re getting me high

Shake a leg; dosey doe

Beebop, let it flow

Tear me apart at the seams

Can you two step to my music (3x)

I need a man to dance

Make it hot

Make it sweat

C’mon we got the room

Gotta let it slide

Let it roll

Baby, let yourself go

And can you two step

Here we go, dosey doe

Beebop, let it flow

Spin me round, take the lead

Give me what I need

Sway me, play me

Move me like crazy

I need a man to dance



(Renée Lamoureux)

I won’t quit

I won’t stop

Promised myself that I’m never giving up

Power’s in my hands (2x)

Sticks and stones break

Words can’t hurt my bones

Even when I’m lost

I find my way home

Power’s in my hands (2x)

I’m a Fighter

I am brave

Watch me rise above, find my own way

I’ve got my gloves on

In the ring

Nothing to lose

Like the fighter in me

I’m ready to give them all that I’ve go

Gonna prove it tonight; hit ‘em with my best shot

Doing all I can, doing all I can

For a long time I was in the dark

Until I discovered I’m more than enough

Broken down the barriers

I’m a big believer

Loaded up

Like a pistol

Here I am

Ready set go



(Renée Lamoureux)

You are the greatest

Stand tall and be sure of that

When you’re thrown off you’re A game

Beat your darkest days and get back up

You’re stronger than you think

More worthy than you say

It’s all up to you

What do you got to lose (2x)

Dare to be you

You’re a warrior, a warrior

You are the bravest warrior

Oh yeah you are a warrior

I hope you know it yeah

Point your arrow

In the direction it’s calling you

End your days of sorrow

Keep your heart wide open, great and true

Run like a lion in the wild

Fearless traveling far and wide

Reaching for your highest peak

Way beyond the depth you seek

Navigate while standing tall

The captain of your ship for all

Scare yourself and make new tracks

Lead the way, no looking back

And let your heart shine bright

Let your darkest days subside

Deep into your eyes is a survivor



(Renée Lamoureux)

I saw you and loved you

In that second I knew

It’s crazy

How quickly

You were there when I was ready

It’s true; took a long time

To find you and now that you’re mine

All I want to is start the first day of our lives

Right now, now, now

I’m walking down the aisle to shout

I do

You’re magic; so perfect

Better than I imagined

Like heaven completing

The piece that I was missing

I stand here with flowers in my hand

Pretty soon he’ll be putting on the ring

It’s you and me for the rest of our lives

I swear I heard the angels sing

When you asked me down on one knee

Today I believe that anything can happen

I saw you and loved you

In that second I knew

Yes, I , I , do



(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver)

Smooth as Coltrane

Soul food to my brain

I sway; his music drives me

Sounds so mesmerizing

There ain’t no doubt

I want to know what he’s all about

I can’t get that melody out (2x)

Now he’s in my head


Now he’s in my head

It’s magic

Now he’s in my head

I’m melting

I can’t resist him

Now he’s in my head


Now he’s in my head


Now he’s in my head (2x)

Turn up that tune

Crank the volume

Move in rhythm and sync

Can’t stop this feeling

I’m out of control

As I watch him rock and roll

I can’t get that melody out (2x)

Round and round in my brain

The sweetest song that he sings for me

With every word that he brings

Takes my worries away

Love what he’s doing

Underneath my skin



(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver)

The drinks are flowing

The evening’s glowing

You sparkle like champagne

In your best attire

You can’t get higher

The limo’s in the driveway

This chapter’s over

We’re moving forward

Going all the way

Let’s go out like it’s our last time

Yours and mine

Cause this is our night (4x)

Spotlights shining

You can feel the feelings

Love is in the air

Yeah, we’re standing tall

Finished one for all

We did it all together

We’ve come so far/worked so hard

This is only the beginning

Tomorrow is a brand new day

Right now I want to play

This is our time

Right now

Live it up

On top of the world


Je Vise le Ciel

(Renée Lamoureux, Ariane Jean)

Je n’ai plus de peurs,

Je les ai laissé ailleurs

Et là, j’nai plus de doutes

Je continue ma route

On m’a dit

Que ce n’serait pas facile

De recommencer,

Repartir à zero.

Mais moi, je rêve en couleur

J’avance, me laissant guider par mon coeur

Vers le haut

Ou je monte

Et je vole

Je vise le ciel

Pilote de ma vie,

De mon esprit,

Je vise le ciel

Je marche en avant,

Savoure le moment present,

Portée par le vent, je voltige

Et peu à peu je me dirige...

Vers le haut

Ou je monte

Et je vole

Je vise le ciel

Pilote de ma vie,

De mon esprit,

Je vise le ciel

J’ai cherché longtemps

Pour trouver ma voix

Pendant tout ce temps; elle était en moi.

Vers le haut

Ou je monte

Et je vole

Je vise

Pilote de ma vie,

De mon esprit,

Je vise le ciel

Je vise le ciel

Je vise le ciel



(Renée Lamoureux)

They picked up the pieces

And searched for a reason

Said: when will our hearts feel again?

The clock strikes at midnight

The future looked so bright

At the first sight

Oh my, what have we done this time?

Nothing’s enough

We have to start a fire

Try to steady and normalize

Weapons and dust left in the aftermath

We will soldier on (2x)

Up against ourselves until our demise

We will soldier on (2x)

You and me were born to fall and survive

Everyday is different

Just getting the rhythm

The motions go forward and back

Underneath the pressure

The heart wants the answers

And we hope through the night

(We’re only humans)



Producer: Murray Pulver

Engineer: Paul Yee

Mixer: John Bailey, Marc Daniel Nelson, Paul Yee

Mastering: Peter Letros at Wreckhouse, Eric Boulanger

Studios: Signpost Music Studio, Musirex Productions

Renée Lamoureux: Vocals

Murray Pulver: Guitars, banjo, programming, percussion, background vocals

Ryan Voth: Drums

Paul Yee: Bass

Zack Antel: Keyboards

Jordan Jackiew: Programming

Chloé, Cabrel et Mylène Tétreault: Kids choir on Warrior and Soldier On

Album Design: Roberta Hansen

Photos: Mackenzie Jean


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

To Murray Pulver for always believing in my music and giving everything you had until I was super happy with the results.  Thank you for your patience. 

Thank you to Rob for being my #1 supporter and the person to say ‘Never Give Up’ on my dreams even when I’m about to pack it all in.  I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life. 

To my wonderful family and friends; Mom and Dad (the absolute best), my sisters who are my best friends, brothers-in-law and my 6 nieces and nephews (who I adore to pieces): all of you have been there since day one when I said I was going to be an artist; you never played down my career choice or told me to do something else.  I’m so lucky to have an open minded family who believe in what I do.

To my good friend Keith whom I’ve lived the first part of my musical career.  You taught me tons throughout the years in the business world and in life and I’ve never taken that for granted.

Thank you Manitoba Film and Music, Manitoba Music and 100 Nons for your endless support!

I’m thankful to all of you who continue to encourage and support my music career.

 To the universe has brought me and the lessons I’ve learned. I’m thankful for the creativity I’ve been given writing songs and singing my heart out.  Most of all, I’m thankful for this beautiful and vibrant world that I live in where I continue to be the best I can be.  Love the life you have and give it all you’ve got.  Dare to be you.