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I Fall For You Album

by Renee Lamoureux


(Renée Lamoureux, Janice Starudub)

I see that look in your eyes
I don’t want to say goodbye
The taxi is waiting I know
Holding you makes it hard to let go

I’m high on a plane
Flying away
Leaving you’s killing me
I’m high on a plane
Flying away
Wishing you’d be with me

I’ve been living in a suitcase
Sometimes this life feels like a race
I know I’ve let you down
All the times I didn’t stick around

From NY to Japan
From CA to New Zealand
In every second of the day
I’m thinking about you from a world away

I’m high on a plane
Flying away
I’m gonna miss you

(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver)

My house is falling
These walls can’t hold me
Since you left me sitting in this empty room
With holes in the ceiling
My heart is bleeding
Until you come back I won’t breathe again

Cause everything is coming down my dear, without you here
And I don’t want to touch a thing in case I break it, I can’t replace it

You were my home

You gave me power
Like no other
Your love held up strong
Kept us standing tall
That day the door closed
I screamed out my window
Like a leaky faucet, tears rolled down my face

The house is for sale
I’m moving elsewhere
On with my life
Don’t bother looking for me
I’m out the door
My heart hurts no more
I’m on my own
I don’t need you anymore

You let go of a love so deep
You and I were meant to be
With millions of our memories
The walls come tumbling down

(Renée Lamoureux)

She laid her things aside and said
They won’t be coming with me
Take my car now; I won’t be driving
And you can have the clothes in my closet
For years I protected
All my possessions and the money I made
I couldn’t see the things that were important
Now I see it’s all about life

She said: none of that stuff’s essential
None of that stuff’s a big deal
I love you my girl
Soar like an eagle
You’ve got a second chance to turn that wheel
None of that stuff’s essential
None of that stuff’s a big deal
I love you my boy
Roar like a lion
Be the person you always meant to be

You don’t even know who you are yet
Be patient with yourself
What’s that voice inside of you saying?
C’mon listen

This is your time; don’t wait any longer
Jump in the water

(Renée Lamoureux, Murray Pulver, Keith Macpherson)

If we ever change
Don’t let this be the day
Cause I can’t walk away from you
Up ahead is long
Through every written song
I have no lyrics without you

We’ve had our up’s and down’s
But we will come around

I’ll meet you back in New York
New York City
Forget it all in New York
New York City

Yes, I’ve always known
Inside my heart is stone
If you’re not beating beside me
Still we’ll have our fights
Stay up all through the night
But in the end I’ll still believe

We’ve traveled so many roads
Leading to where we know

Bring me back to our place, meet you back

(Renée Lamoureux)

Six days in the sun with you
Cool breeze by the water
You touch my hand and I get
Chills down my spine
We read Vogue magazines
You make me a sandwich
Never tasted so good
You feeding me

If I could just press pause here
Then we could keep laughing til we break
Dancing like nobody’s watching us
I’m so gonna miss our special days
I promise to hold in my heart
All these sweet memories I’ll embrace
But if you’d just say the word
Maybe we’re on the same page
And I won’t go back to Canada

The blending of two oceans
I’ve never seen such beauty
You and me is all that I think about
Being in your country
Now I have to leave to go home soon
Maybe we could make this work
10,000 miles apart
I’m too scared of getting hurt

(Renée Lamoureux)

He got married to another girl
I just sat there for a year stuck in the clouds
Starring at the flowers in the sun
Why’s it got to be so hard to change?

Life’s passing me by
Take it for a ride
Jump for the sky
Life’s passing me by
Drink up the fun
Soak in everyone
I’m not gonna be afraid
Nothing’s stopping me on this day

He got married and he moved away
I just sat there dumbfounded and lost
Waiting for the pigs to fly over
Why’s it got to be so hard to change?
Watch me fly
Watch me break away

(Renée Lamoureux, Nadia Gaudet)

Tes yeux éclairés
et tes cheveux dorés
La courbe dans ton sourire
Ton bonheur que j’admire
Ce que tu m’as appris
Me fait qui je suis

Je t’aimerai mon amour
Je t’aimerai pour toujours
Merci pour tous les beaux temps
Merci pour m’aimer autant
La la la la la la

Ensemble sur la route
Neil Young en onde
Ton regard qui m’envoûte
A chaque seconde
Ta voix que me frôle
Aux mots de Heart of Gold

1, 2, 3
(Renée Lamoureux)

Will we ever finish this game?
We’ve been playing for years
I’ve never been so damn tired
Every time that you call me up it’s like
Nothing ever happened and I love you

Seems we don’t learn from old mistakes
Seems we go in circles and in waves
Seems that this is starting again
Seems it’s all but a blur in the wind

I don’t know why I’m waiting to change
I don’t know why it’s turning this way
But every time I see your eyes
I want to start to cry

1, 2, 3 and you’re dead in my head
I’m sorry I hurt you again

Will we ever give up?
Will we ever part ways?
Is this time forever or are you still gonna call me babe?

Maybe I could move on
Write a brand new song
Cause I’m always humming the same pain
In my eyes, in my heart, in my brain, in my arms, in my legs and it hurts and it strains and it never fades away

Maybe I’m just a drama queen
Maybe I like to relive the scene
Maybe I like it when you yell at me
Yeah you’re my company

1, 2, 3 and you’re dead in my head
I’m sorry I hurt you

(Renée Lamoureux, Janice Starudub)

I’ve been spending all my time just thinking about you
I haven’t seen you in weeks but you’re here in my head
It’s crazy that I barely know you and I feel the way I do
From the moment that I looked into your eyes
It’d been forever since I had those butterflies
I don’t know what to do cause I’m so into you
Everyday I fall for you; I can’t hide my feelings inside
Everyday I fall for you and you have no clue, no clue

Now I’m sitting here wondering if I should call you?
Am I brave enough to make the first move?
It’s getting harder to hide my secret inside

I’ve been waiting all my life for somebody like you
Now here’s my chance, can’t let it pass
I don’t want to scare you off
But I love you, is that too fast?